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We provide estate planning, elder law & business legal services through our affiliated law firm, HWK Law Group.


Lawyers Express Title offers title and settlement services throughout the entire state of Maryland. We exceed our clients’ expectations by providing high-quality service with individual attention.

We understand that the purchase of a new home is a huge investment and we would like to help you while letting you know that we are “more than just a title company.” As such, all residential purchasers are offered a complimentary Estate Planning consultation and basic Last Will & Testament draft up to 6 months following closing.

We’re offering you an awesome desktop and mobile app that will allow you to generate your instant title quotes, net sheets, buyer estimates and preHUDs. Why waste time on the phone when you can pull out your mobile, plug in the numbers, and get the calculations on the spot?

You can then send out these quotes, net sheets, buyer estimates or preHUDs directly to your customer, instantly, from within the app, just by keying in his or her email address.

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